Our story

Coding in the classroom

KUBO Robotics started as a master’s project at the University of Southern Denmark in 2015 when Daniel Lindegaard and Tommy Ozten realized not enough was being done to teach students — especially younger ones — coding and computational thinking in a social, hands-on context.

While schools and governments around the world focus on teaching kids language, math, and science, very few acknowledge the importance of teaching a generation of digital natives how to communicate with and understand technology. And with studies indicating that 47 percent of all jobs will be automated by 2034, the need to teach students programming has never been greater.

The solution is KUBO and its revolutionary physical programming language, the TagTile® .

Since 2015, a lot has happened for KUBO. The company has won many awards, and has welcomed new members to the team. The little robot has become available in many countries, sold via professional educational providers.

The KUBO Coding solution will continue to expand with new TagTile programming options, lesson plans and other creative tools.

We work hard to democratize technology and accelerate learning, and we’re happy that the KUBO learning approach has already won so many hearts and minds.

Nominated at the BETT Awards in the category "Best Startup", 2018

Startup Company of the year,Global Educational Supplies and Solutions exhibition (GESS)

Winner of the Nordic Startup Awards in the category “Best Newcomer”, 2017

2nd place in the Last Gadget Standing competition at CES, 2017

Listed in Forbes Top 10 European Growth Businesses to Watch in 2017

Nominated at the Danish Design Awards in the category “Better Learning,” 2017

Winner of the Web Summit PITCH competition, 2016 (the world’s largest tech event)