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"One of the things we like about KUBO is that it is not only teaching coding at its most basic level to our youngest children. It can also be integrated into our maths lessons, it can be integrated into our story lessons"
Roy Coleman
Executive headteacher, Nightingale Primary School

Frequently asked questions

KUBO is created for preschool to year five and is used by children from 4 years.

KUBO is primarily created for activities at school. If your child’s school or preschool subscribes to KUBO’s digital version KUBO Play (Simulation tool), your child can use KUBO Play from home.

KUBO’s lessons are created to take between 25-45 minutes.

There are good opportunities to customize your lessons using KUBO.

With KUBO’s interdisciplinary activities, you can use KUBO in other subjects such as mathematics, history, social sciences, or work with themes.

In KUBO Portal, you have the opportunity to choose formal lessons or to try one of KUBO’s 30+ interdisciplinary activities.

It all depends on which configuration you choose. KUBO has a solution where you only buy Hands-on products or only one where you buy KUBO Digital. We recommend looking at an approach where you combine the two and get the most out of the teaching with KUBO. It’s called Blended learning.

The price depends on the configuration you make.
You decide how many physical robots and licenses for KUBO Play your school needs. You can also choose add-ons Coding +, Coding ++ and Math.

Payment made as an annual subscription.

When you buy a subscription solution from KUBO, you have a full guarantee on the products as KUBO owns them.
KUBO sends a new one completely free of charge if something happens to the robots. When you sign up for a subscription, you have three months to test if this is something for you. When the three months have passed, you are bound for the rest of the year for the subscription.