Communicating with KUBO

Nicola Kleiser,
Educational Technology Consultant
United Kingdom

There have been reports from teachers all over the world that the past two years of lockdowns have had an impact on young children’s language skills. We are living in a world where soft skills are going to be increasingly vital to today’s young people and their future careers. So how can KUBO help?

We have previously published a range of articles about helping children reconnect with each other after a break in education. How KUBO can help tackle the development of 21st Century skills across the primary / elementary age group. The inclusion of KUBO based activities, within the curriculum, can also create a more STEAM oriented approach to learning. 

This blog post will focus on a range of games children can play with KUBO to help develop communication and collaborative skills.

Describing a route

The two children sit back to back. Child 1 has a preprinted route, child 2 has KUBO, the map, and the TagTiles®. Child 1 describes the route, using only words. Child 2 creates the route according to what child 1 has told them. In the end, they compare routes! This activity is great for getting children both describing, questioning, and listening.

Acting out a route

Two children work together. Child 1 is allowed to look at the route, which the teacher may have at the front of the classroom (hidden to child 2). Child 2 has KUBO the map and TagTiles. Child 1 has to act out the movements needed to build up the route. The only rule, they are not allowed to speak. Child 2 can ask questions, e.g. can you repeat that move?

At the end of the game, the teacher can reveal the route to the whole class and see which groups have got the same route! A great activity for non-verbal communication and observation skills.

Choosing the best route

Two children are given a different route for KUBO, both routes start and finish at the same point. The children take it in turns to build and test both routes. They then have to come up with one reason why the other child’s route is the best route. Then they can discuss with each other, which is best and why? Reasons could include, it takes fewer steps, crosses less roads, etc. 

KUBO is a great tool for getting children working together, there are lots more unplugged activities on our website that will encourage problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.

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