Welcome to KUBO’s teacher support section where we aim to give you the best possible start to your KUBO Coding curriculum experience.Click your way through our series of mini tutorials to discover each principle of TagTile® programming for both KUBO Coding and KUBO Coding+. We guarantee you will be up and running in minutes.

KUBO Coding

find video tutorials for KUBO coding here

KUBO Coding+

Find video tutorials for KUBO Coding+ here

KUBO Coding++

find video tutorials for KUBO Coding++ here


Find video tutorials for My KUBO App here

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This simple Quick Start Start gives you a basic step-by-step introduction to coding with KUBO. Available in multiple languages.

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Replacing your TagTiles

We know you do your best to manage your classroom materials, but we also understand that things get lost. That’s why we offer a loose part assortment, so that you can keep your resources fully in tact.

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