Happy KUBOing!

Courtenay Kanyikirize,
Innovation and Media Specialist - Mirman School
Los Angeles, USA

Just when we were learning about routes and moving into functions with KUBO, COVID-19 fell amongst us. The scramble of online learning for an interactive learning experience was much needed! Students’ daily routines had been turned into a virtual zoom experience. I was at a loss for continuing the work we had begun with KUBO because I did not have enough KUBO kits to send home to all of my students. As I was beginning to panic, I received an email from Rikke stating that KUBO was now online! What a relief! I was ecstatic to get started and couldn’t wait to share it with my students. So, we had our library/technology class virtually. I was able to share my screen to go through our first online KUBO lesson.

From kindergarten to grade 2, we continued to program KUBO via Zoom for our lessons with time built in for students to work independently. Most students were very excited and others were nervous KUBO wouldn’t work on their Chromebooks. To ease any uncertainties, I allowed those students to share their screens so they could see exactly how to maneuver between the task cards and the game.

Theodore, a kindergartner, stated, “I like it so much because it is fun.  I took KUBO to go to both the grocery store, the math room, the science room. KUBO is just fun. Also, you are the funniest teacher I ever had.” 

Students created stories to program KUBO and shared stories with each other for classmates to program. Over the course of six weeks, We moved from creating routes to KUBO memorizing his routes through the use of functions and ending with loops.  Sophia of grade 1 shared, “This is Awesome!”  We were happy using KUBO online, but we all had to admit that we physically missed seeing KUBO move around the map. For students, there was something special about seeing KUBO move based on the program they could see. Additionally, it was easier to teach students about directions in person, and sometimes, students found it hard to follow directions/orientation online.  Needless to say, we covered all of the lessons. Students and parents were pleased.  After each Zoom session I always ended with “Happy KUBOing!”  

Ollie, a kindergartener shared in our online classroom comments,  “I like making patterns for KUBO to memorize. I like that you can make different routes for KUBO to follow. Making complicated routes is fun!”  We don’t know what school will look like in a few months; however, we are prepared to continue “KUBOing” online if we have too!

What is KUBO Play

KUBO play is a product developed as a reaction to the Covid-19 situation and is currently in a trial period. KUBO Play is developed with the aim of onboarding parents that would like to support his/her child with schoolwork at home, as well as the engaged KUBO teacher who would like to use KUBO Play as a feature for homework or for teaching on distance. At KUBO we think it is of huge importance to offer parents support with home learning and to provide a feature that fulfills the gap while students are separated from going to school.

KUBO Play is a great way for the teacher to keep the students’ coding skills in the loop while working from home. It is as well optimal to combine the ongoing physical hands-on activities in the classroom with the practice of activities online using KUBO Play for homework.

You can try KUBO Play here