KUBO Coding 4-pack

This screen-free, hands on solution provides everything you need to teach coding and computational thinking to students throughout elementary school. There are Coding License lesson plans, video tutorials and a Quick Start Guide, free to view or download at KUBO.education.
Introducing routes, functions and loops in a few simple steps, the materials allow students to develop increasingly advanced programming skills through creative challenges and cross-curricular activities.

Every set includes:

  • 4 robots
  • 4x Coding TagTile® sets each with 46 TagTiles®
  • 5x activity maps and one blank map template for students to create their own challenges
  • A multi-charger box that allows you to recharge up to 5x robots in just two hours for four hours usage
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KUBO Coding license - 16+ activities and extension ideas

Check out our series of beautifully illustrated, free activities and task cards for students.

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KUBO TagTile®

Replacing your TagTiles

We know you do your best to manage your classroom materials, but we also understand that things get lost. That’s why we offer a loose part assortment, so that you can keep your resources fully in tact.

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