KUBO crowned best startup in Dubai education show!

Tommy Otzen,
Co-funder of KUBO Robotics

KUBO Robotics continues to win recognition around the world, with the latest accolade awarded at the annual Global Educational Supplies and Solutions Exhibition (GESS) in Dubai, where we won Startup Company of the year.

KUBO CEO, Tommy Otzen, believes that putting the needs of teachers and students at the heart of product development is key to the company’s early success: “We developed KUBO and the TagTile™ system in close collaboration with educators every step of the way. We wanted to cater to the needs of today’s teachers and their students, challenging two perceived prerequisites to learning coding: The first is the dependency on a screen, and the second is the ability to read or write. KUBO takes the whole process and turns it into something intuitive, hands-on and fun.”

Our win at GESS proves that our idea has struck a chord with the international educational community. We’re thrilled and excited for the future.

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KUBO is a simple, intuitive plug-and-learn tool with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers. The unique, hands-on, TagTile® system provides new ways to learn coding, with broad curriculum relevance to maximize learning outcomes. KUBO is suitable for students aged 4 to 10+.

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