KUBO The global citizen

Rikke Bergreen Paaskesen,
Curriculum specialist and Educational advisor
Odense, Denmark

This mini project pack provides a series of activities for students from about 6 to 10 years, to develop coding skills in a cross-curricular, playful way.

The pack includes three KUBO maps, one for each of the continents of Africa, North America, and Australia, and a set of Global Citizen clothes for KUBO to wear.

With this pack you can:

  • Practice coding skills by creating KUBO journeys across each continent.
  • Write local stories about KUBO’s experiences.
  • Investigate what KUBO would see; cultural attractions, animals, landscapes and so on.
  • Imagine who KUBO would meet; everyday citizens, famous people, people from history, and so on.
  • Choose and create outfits for KUBO to wear.
  • Choose and create objects for KUBO to bring in a backpack.

You will need the following resources to use with the pack: KUBO Coding Single Pack, which includes one robot bodypack and one set of KUBO Coding TagTiles®.

Download your activity pack here:

Global Citizen pack

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KUBO is a simple, intuitive plug-and-learn tool with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers. The unique, hands-on, TagTile® system provides new ways to learn coding, with broad curriculum relevance to maximize learning outcomes. KUBO is suitable for students aged 4 to 10+.

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