Try out KUBO Play for 30 days

The best way to see if KUBO fits your school is to try it out. We want to make sure you get the best introduction to KUBO possible, so we offer you a 30-day trial.

30 days for free

When you start the trial, you will be able to access KUBO Play for the next 30 days.

Try out KUBO

You will have access to Free Play and all Coding tasks in the trial duration.

Easy to get started

KUBO Play is full of small tutorial videos demonstrating how to complete tasks.

Ready to give it a try?

An introduction to the world of KUBO

Sometimes it’s better to show rather than tell.
That is why we want to give you the experience of how KUBO works.
Our digital solution KUBO Play shows you how our Hands-On robot and digital version work.