KUBO Portal

With the KUBO Portal, the aim is to engage children in school or at home. You can with ease handout homework assignments and also follow-up with new insights allowing teachers to adapt in-classroom teaching to the students’ competence levels.


Getting Started

KUBO has been designed with simplicity in mind. Our fully illustrated Quick Start Guides to coding with KUBO is all you need to prepare yourself to teach coding with confidence. It takes you through each principle of the TagTile programming language and provides basic tips to make sure your first lessons run smoothly.


Click your way through our series of video tutorials to discover each principle of our TagTile® programming language for both the KUBO Coding Starter set and our add-on sets KUBO Coding+, KUBO Coding++ and KUBO Coding Math.


Quick Start guides


Video Tutorials

Lesson Plans

With KUBOs standard-based lesson plans we guarantee to make coding easy and fun for both student and teacher. Our curriculum resources are cross-curricular and fully aligned to the computer science curriculum standards. You are guaranteed hours of creative coding activities with a dynamic approach to STEAM learning laying the foundation for computational literacy for children aged four to 10+.

*STEAM – a cross-curricular approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths subjects.


Lesson plans


Cross-Curricular activities

professional development

We aim to support educators using KUBO in the best way possible. Therefore we have made our professional development assets like the KUBO Coding Starter Course, webinars and White Papers deep-diving into specific subjects.



Once you have completed all the courses, you can call yourself a KUBO Certified Teacher.



White papers

Our White Papers are thoroughly made by professionals in the educational area.

Classroom management

Get an overview of your classes and students. In our classroom management tool, you are able to assign Homework for KUBO Play, see how far your students are with KUBO Play, add/edit/delete students and share classes with other educators.

KUBO Map Maker

The KUBO Map Maker is a tool designed for teachers to design their own coding challenges by creating printable maps to use in the classroom. You can also become part of the community by sharing your maps with other educators. Start building your maps today.