Math games with KUBO

Nicola Kleiser,
Educational Technology Consultant
United Kingdom

Math is often taught through play, especially with younger students. Simple Math games are a great way to engage students and help them practice and reinforce simple Math concepts.

In this post, we will share some common Math games with a KUBO twist.

Number Bonds

Layout all of the number TagTiles® on the table.  Students take turns to pick a pair of numbers that add up to 10. If they are unsure (or disagree) then they can test the sum using KUBO.

Pick a number (or two)

Put all of the number TagTiles into a bag or small box. Students take turns to pick out 2 numbers. They add them together, then use KUBO to check they have got the answer correct. 

This could be extended to include: Adding three numbers together, subtraction, or even multiplication!

Addition Maths game ‘KUBO’

This is a great math game for practicing addition skills, whilst getting children to think about the best strategy.

Set up

Write the word KUBO and separate each letter into a different column. Each letter of the word ‘KUBO’ represents a different round of the game. 

Place all of the number TagTiles upside down on the table.

How to play

The first player picks two of the number TagTiles from the table. Add them together and the score is written in the ‘K’ column. If they pick a ‘one’ they score zero and can replace the TagTile onto the desk (and shuffle them).

Once they have their first score under the letter ‘K’, they have to make the decision to either stop and take that score as their score for the game, or pick again and hope they score even more to add to the first round score.

If they pick a ‘one’ in the second round, play stops and the player takes the score from the first round as their total for the game. The risk a player takes in moving on and picking again is if two ones are picked, all the points for the game are wiped and the player scores zero. 

The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.

There are so many Math game ideas out there, why not try to see if KUBO Coding Math can make them even more fun to play! 

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