One week from launch, KUBO takes the stage at CES

Tommy Otzen,
Co-founder of KUBO Robotics
Copenhagen, Denmark


KUBO is your child’s new robot friend and can teach him or her how to code.

Programming KUBO is as simple as completing a jigsaw puzzle. The new TagTile programming language allows kids as young as three to combine the tiles to teach KUBO a series of moves. Let KUBO read the instructions, then place it on the play button, and watch it go.

Introduced today at CES, and launching on Indiegogo on January 11, KUBO is an educational robot for pre-school and primary school children that accelerates skills in programming by giving them a tangible, screenless way to learn.

Our goal is to make kids creators, not consumers. To most children using computers and tablets, the devices are black boxes, shrouded in mystery and working as if by magic. And because many parents and teachers aren’t engineers, they don’t have the technical knowledge to teach their children how these devices work. KUBO makes it simple for anyone to teach the next generation the universal language of technology, coding.

Based on educational theory as much as engineering, KUBO puts a friendly face on technology as children play and learn programming concepts like loops, functions, routines, subroutines, and more. By learning technological concepts at a young age, KUBO can help narrow the gender gap in STEM fields that typically appears in high school. Doing so better prepares all children for a future in which an estimated 47 percent of jobs will be automated by the time they graduate college.

KUBO and the TagTile programming language can also expand to other subjects, with, for example, sets on language, math, and music that teach children how to spell and pick up new vocabulary, add and subtract, and create a melody.

KUBO launches on Indiegogo next week. Sign up here to get a reminder the second KUBO is available.

Update: Campaign closed. We did it! Thanks to all of you, KUBO Robotics has raised over 188 percent of its goal and is now up and running. Your robots will reach you soon and we hope you enjoy them! Feel free to write to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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KUBO is a simple, intuitive plug-and-learn tool with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers. The unique, hands-on, TagTile® system provides new ways to learn coding, with broad curriculum relevance to maximize learning outcomes. KUBO is suitable for students aged 4 to 10+.

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