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We have made it easy for your school to implement a robotics educational tool in a cost and time efficient manner and for your teachers to be able to conduct engaging learning experiences and inclusive teaching that makes a difference for your students.


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With KUBO, you get an ideal hands-on coding solution designed specifically to enhance creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication for your students aged 4 to 10+. Students are taught how to code through KUBOs unique TagTile® programming language with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers and students. KUBO loves storytelling, which makes it easy for children to create new universes and for teachers to make cross-curricular exercises with this hands-on solution.

With our KUBO Digital solution, we welcome you to our KUBO School Portal where you get to experience our brand new simulation tool KUBO Play, our homework tool, and insights allowing teachers to adapt in-classroom teaching to the students’ competence levels. Here students will experience a personalized learning journey at their own pace from any place and any time that fits the students’ needs. Get your students up and running with this digital coding solution covering all coding related curriculum requirements for K-5 already today.

KUBO Blended Learning – the best of both worlds! Through a combination of our existing hands-on and digital coding solutions, we introduce the best way to ensure inclusion, increased learning outcomes, and better student insights for coding education in K-5. A blended learning solution combining the best from our existing hands-on coding solution with the opportunity to engage children at home using the brand new simulation tool KUBO Play.

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KUBO is a simple, intuitive plug-and-learn tool with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers. The unique, hands-on, TagTile® system provides new ways to learn coding, with broad curriculum relevance to maximize learning outcomes. KUBO is suitable for students aged 4 to 10+.

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