Summer activities with KUBO

Nicola Kleiser,
Educational Technology Consultant
United Kingdom

Get kids coding this summer. This blog post has ideas that can be used with a KUBO Robot, KUBO Play or as an unplugged offline activity. Explore algorithms, loops and decomposition through a series of activities.

Being a Robot

This is a good activity to introduce ‘sequencing’. Robots have to be given precise instructions to be able to carry out specific tasks. In this activity, the students can be ‘the robot’ or you can use KUBO. How about extending this to include decomposition? Instead of each group solving the whole task, it can be broken down into sections, for each group to solve. These sections can be combined and the problem has been solved using teamwork! 


Set up a series of obstacles on the floor (paper-based so they are not a trip risk). One student is the robot and the second student is the programmer. Can student 2 give a series of instructions to get student 1 (the robot) safely across the room? This can be extended by getting ‘the programmer’ to plan the full route before giving any instructions.


Using ‘Map Maker’ to design their own obstacle course or the standard map. Decide on a start and end point and the students have to design a route. This can be completed using Tag Tiles on the map or by creating a function.

Baking an algorithm

An algorithm is just like a recipe. It has lots of steps that have to be carried out in the right order! It’s a great way of introducing the concept of algorithms to younger students.


Using a simple recipe, eg: baking a cake, or making a sandwich, cut out the steps and ask the students to put them in the correct order. Groups can compare their solutions and discuss their choice. Link this to an algorithm, what happens if we change the order do we get the expected outcome? 


KUBO- The Baker Cross-Curricular activity. KUBO wants to bake some cakes. Can you help by creating an algorithm to help KUBO collect the ingredients and bake the cakes?


Summer is a great time to get outside and grow plants, maybe something edible so there is a reward at the end of all the work!  


What are the steps needed to plant a seed, can the students put them into the right order (an algorithm). Helping the seed grow is a great way to introduce loops: feed, water, repeat! Growing cress seeds will give results in only a few days. 


KUBO’s Garden Cross-curricular activity. KUBO wants to grow some flowers in the garden, but doesn’t know how! Can you help by creating an algorithm to help KUBO plant and grow some seeds? What does KUBO need to plant and grow some flower seeds?

There are lots more great ideas you can use with KUBO on KUBO Portal. There is a range of inspiring activities which provide fully detailed lesson plans. Also a range of blog posts with lots of creative ideas in These can be easily adapted to be used as ‘unplugged’ activities or ‘KUBO Play’ activities.  

We would love to see your ideas too.