Meet the team

Daniel Lindegaard

COO, co-founder

Daniel was only eight years old when he taught himself how to code. He designed KUBO to inspire the same sense of wonder and empowerment he felt when he first started programming.

+45 4249 4844

Preben Struckmann Hansen

Commercial Director

Preben is an expert in the development and delivery of educational solutions to new markets. He joined the company late 2017 with a remit to establish a global network of strategic partnerships.

+45 2922 8740


Rasmus Lindholm

Robotics developer, partner

There’s nothing Rasmus doesn’t know about coding and robotics. And he’s more than happy to impart that knowledge to your kids through KUBO and the TagTiles.

+45 6084 4204

Jan Jørgensen

Product manager

Jan joined the KUBO team as a fresh-faced intern straight out of university. Now, he’s an accomplished marketing manager who’s committed to making sure every student gets to code with KUBO. Jan is also KUBO’s resident all-rounder and always willing to lend a hand when you need him!

+45 2241 1636

Katrine Hansen

Content Manager, student worker

Katrine helps out with all things content related. Anything from social media to video making and communication, she’s ready to chip in!

+45 2879 6388

Jinny Christiansen

Head of Marketing & Brand

Jinny is KUBO’s voice to the world. She oversees brand development and strategic marketing, and is a big part of spreading the word about our little robot.

+44 (0) 7990 0738 83


Ulrich Vigandt Sørensen

Software Developer (

Ulrich has a passion for combining learning and technology. That’s why KUBO is the perfect platform for him to unfold his competencies. He’s working hard to make the best learning platform in the world.

+45 5374 6555

Benjamin Joris Baufeld

Financial and Legal Controller

Joris, as we call him, is our all-around legal guy. He makes sure every contract and every legal document is in check and oversees all things finance.

+45 6140 8528