The Coding License

View and download your KUBO Coding and KUBO Coding+ lesson plans and activities for a dynamic approach to STEAM* learning, for students from four to 10+ years. KUBO resources are cross-curricular and aligned to computer science curriculum standards. Guaranteed to make coding easy and fun for even the most technology shy student or teacher.

*STEAM – a cross-curricular approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths subjects.

From simple to advanced

The Coding License teaching materials are the perfect starting point for introducing coding in a hands-on, screen free way.

Start with coding basics by working through Lesson Plans 1 to 4. You will be introduced to important programming concepts, including functions, subroutines and loops.

Then look out for new KUBO Coding+ Lesson Plans, launching shortly where you will be introduced to additional TagTiles® for more advanced programming, more challenging problems to solve, and more solutions to create.

The Coding License - KUBO Robotics

The Coding License explained

Our free online resources for students from four to 10 years, include illustrated activities and task cards, to view online or download; a comprehensive teacher’s guide including links to US and UK Computer Science standards, and worksheets.

There are extension activities, project ideas and assessment questions included in every lesson plan.  

Available in multiple language versions.

Insights, ideas and inspiration

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