KUBO is a simple, intuitive plug-and-learn tool with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers. The unique, hands-on, TagTile® system provides new ways to learn coding, with broad curriculum relevance to maximize learning outcomes. KUBO is suitable for students aged 4 to 10+.

Blended learning

A new approach

KUBO Blended Learning – the best of both worlds! Through a combination of our existing hands-on and digital coding solutions, we introduce the best way to ensure inclusion, increased learning outcomes, and better student insights for coding education in K-5. 
A blended learning solution combining the best from our existing hands-on coding solution with the opportunity to engage children at home using the brand new simulation tool KUBO Play.

KUBO Play consists of more than 100 tasks covering all ISTE coding related curriculum requirements for K-5.

Caters to all Elementary Age Groups

The KUBO solution caters to all abilities and elementary age groups, regardless of their starting point. With this coding solution, your students will be introduced to the basic coding concepts: Routes, Functions, Loops, and Subroutines.

Blended learning whitepaper

We take care of you

At KUBO we promise that you, as a teacher, will succeed in accomplishing fun, relevant and engaging learning by providing the best teaching tools and great ways of developing new professional skills and knowledge through our KUBO Academy consisting of e-learning and webinars.

Easy to use

Improve your skills as a teacher and boost your students’ outcomes with our professional development tool.


Discover the principles of our TagTile® programming language with an approach to STEAM learning.


At KUBO, we believe learning to code and developing computational thinking are essential skills for the future.